What's included

Each set of windmill blades includes:

  • 4 x sails
  • 1 x centre boss
  • 1 x retaining ball
  • UK mainland delivery.


General advice

This product comes unassembled but clips easily & securely together. Please see below.

The small 'Retaining Ball' that is included, helps to keep the sails from coming off of the spindle. However not all windmills use this system, so it can be discarded if not required.

The metal spindle is not included as this should be a part of your existing windmill.



If your spindle is broken, it can be quite easily replaced with a suitable piece of wire such as a section of wire coat hanger or even a nail. The stone ornament may need to be re-drilled to do this & then the new spindle secured in place with suitable a adhesive.

Assembly advice

Push the ends of the sails into the centre boss as shown below. Please notice the small pip on the sail that locates into a slot in the socket & sets it at the correct angle.

Wetting the end of the blade will make assembly even easier.

The blades should not be removed after inserting.

Assembly - LARGE

Assembly - GIANT