Measurements explained

Please carefully check the size before ordering.

We offer two sizes of windmill blades.

Only replace your sails with ones that have the same colour centre boss - Select either RED or WHITE.


Ref: Large: RED Centre Boss.

Approximately 12" / 30cm in diameter.

large windmill blades, garden ornament sails

This set of windmill blades has a red centre boss. 


Ref: Giant: WHITE Centre Boss.

Approximately 17" / 43cm in diameter.

giant windmill blades plastic garden windmill sails

This set of windmill blades has a white centre boss.



Always buy replacements with the same colour centre boss as the other colour will not fit!



More info:

Measurements are stated as the total diameter when assembled.

Correct size - 12   Correct Size - 17

So that's the diameter, (from the tip of one sail, all the way to tip of the opposite sail), when fully assembled with the blades clipped into the centre boss. Measurements are not per individual sail.